Integral Engineering Design requested a totally new website build. It needed to be highly visual and fully mobile responsive, with a modern and slick design.

“What a painless experience it has been. Nothing was too much trouble for Tom who was highly responsive to our brief. Collaboration was easy as at each stage we were able to view progress by logging into the website development area. We are truly happy with the outcome, thank you Tom.”

Dawn Abercromby

Associate Business Development Manager, Integral Engineering Design


The client asked for a clean and image-led homepage. It includes a full-screen slider to showcase some of Integral’s most attractive projects and scrolls down to a simple site map.

Project category page

Projects are laid out in a simple grid. Titles appear when the user hovers over the image along with an animated on-brand orange overlay.

Individual project page

Project pages are made up a full-screen image along with a panel of descriptive text that slides onto the screen after a couple of seconds. This panel can be switched on and off using the button in the bottom right.

Staff homepage

All staff members are displayed in a simple transparent grid. Images are black and white but turn to colour when the user hovers over them.

Staff profile

Like the project pages, staff profiles are made up of a prominent full-screen image with a sliding panel of text that can be switched on and off.

News page

News items (or blog posts) are created individually and are then automatically pulled into the news homepage in chronological order. The Integral Twitter feed is also embedded on the right hand side of the page. Creating news items as individual pages (rather than just updating a single page with a few new lines of text) means you have a new piece of specific content with its own URL to share on social media.


The site features search functionality – results are displayed with key search terms highlighted in the Integral brand orange.

“We are delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend you.”

Tim Mander

Director, Integral Engineering Design

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